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Some Vaping Tips and Tricks For a Healthier Lifestyle

It’s no secret that vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking and a great way to start quiting and living a smoke free life.  In this post we’ll be introducing you to vaping and how to get started.

The Vape Pen

First thing you’ll need is a vape pen, these can be purchased online or at one of the many vape shops that have popped up in the last decade.  Try googling for vape pen near me and hopefully there is something that works for you.  Using your vape pen you can insert juice from a little bottle.  This is what you’ll be ‘smoking’ although it isn’t really smoke, it’s vapor.

The result is it is much finer and more like breathing air.  It will come in your lungs and right back out instead of getting stuck in there like cigarette smoke can.

The Vape Juice

For vape juice you could try something like the best full spectrum cbd vape juice.  This can have the same effects as if you took CBD, but instead you are getting it through vaping instead of cbd coffee, biscuits, or oil.

You can also do regular nicotine flavors for your juice.  These come in 100s of different varities and you’ll have to experiment to find your favorites.  If you visit your local vape shop you’ll find testers available and it’s a great way to try flavors for free.


You can get mods for your vape pens that help mix things up.  The best mech mod for cloud chasing lets you enhance the density of your vape pens smoke so you can blow extra intricate patterns that will really impress people who are less familiar with vape pen mods and tricks.


Did you find this article helpful at all?  Please leave a comment below if you have been vaping and think it is a good alternative to smoking.

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