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Free BlueChew Trial and Coupon Code: Stand Up to Erectile Dysfunction

Free BlueChew Trial and Coupon Code: Stand Up to Erectile Dysfunction

Use the coupon code DECIPHER when you checkout on the BlueChew website, or use this link.

You may agree with me when I say that erectile dysfunction can be a real downer for a lot of men.

On the upside, there’s a solution that can straighten you up sooner than you think!

Keep reading because I’m going to show you what this solution is and how hard of an effect it will have on your erectile dysfunction.

What is the BlueChew Promo Code?

The easiest way to get a free month from BlueChew is by visiting their website and using the promo code DECIPHER on their checkout page.

Most men do not want to get trapped into a subscription of ED pills without knowing if they will work effectively, and BlueChew knows this.

This is why the online erectile dysfunction pharmacy created its own promo code so that you can discreetly try their service and pill before committing to it.

After taking a brief survey to determine your candidacy and being approved, you will receive your prescription, and your free BlueChew trial will be mailed out directly to you!

The BlueChew Free Trial

Here’s how it works:

The process for obtaining your free BlueChew trail during the BlueChew free trial offer is really simple.

First, you’ll engage in a short survey of questions about your overall health and your erectile dysfunction.

Then, your information will be safely and securely transferred to a fully licensed medical provider who will determine if you are a solid candidate for the treatment.

Once you are given the green light, BlueChew will send you your results and prescription, along with a message stating that they are packaging up your first month’s supply!

Here’s the catch…

The only cost to you will be the shipping, which is pretty small compared to the big results heading your way!

Afterward, when you receive your discreet package in the mail, it will also include a thank you card and safety information.

You’ll have 30 days to experience the effects of your BlueChew free month and determine if you want to continue with their product or cancel the service completely.

Is the BlueChew Promo Code Available With All Plans?

It’s best to know what plans BlueChew has first in order for you to make the right decision on whether you want to enter this promotion.

BlueChew has four primary plans, which include:

Active: 6 tablets for $20
Busy: 10 tablets for $30
Popular 17 tablets for $50
Pro: 34 tablets for $90

Each sample is weighted at 30mg and is all Sildenafil chewables.

Now that you know their plans, you should also know that the Active plan is free with the promo code; however, you can use the code for the other plans and receive $20 off!

To get the best bang for your buck, take a look at each plan and what it offers.

Determine how many BlueChew tablets you may need each month, and you can place your order at the end of your one-month free trial.

It’s also great to know that when you do re-order, you may choose a different plan from your free trial if you feel a different amount of BlueChew tablets is best for you.

Is the BlueChew Free Sample Easy to Cancel?

Indeed, the BlueChew free trial is easy to cancel.

BlueChew wants to make sure that you are a satisfied consumer of their chewable tablets, regardless of whether or not you continue using their product.

So in the act of professional courtesy, they have made canceling the free trial very simple.

Here’s what you do:

5 days before your trial is dated to end, BlueChew will send you a cancellation email along with a link.

This email grants you the opportunity to either cancel the trial or renew your subscription; that’s it!

A great feature that also makes this process easy is that if you forget to click the link to cancel the subscription, you have a chance to be fully refunded for the amount that was taken from you.

If you choose not to cancel your BlueChew subscription, this is the time to review the different plans and choose the right one for you.

It’s a direct and helpful process; thanks, BlueChew!


Let’s recap:

BlueChew is an erectile dysfunction digital pharmacy that is offering a free first month of their blue chewable tablets to combat ED.

The promotion code to get your free blue chewables is: DECIPHER

You’ll begin by visiting their website and filling out a brief questionnaire concerning your ED.

Once approved by a licensed provider, you’ll be able to choose the plan that’s right for you, and your free chewables will be sent to you via mail, hassle-free.

Within one week of your free trial ending, BlueChew will send you an email to inquire whether you want to continue your subscription or cancel it.

It’s risk-free and that simple!

So stand up to erectile dysfunction and visit their website to learn more about this awesome promotion.

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